• Medical equipment installation and turnkey projects.
• Review/inspect healthcare facilities’ engineering design drawings.
• Create/evaluate healthcare facilities’ spaces and functional programs .
• Assess project electromechanical work.
• Generate detailed room-to-room schedules and data sheets.
• Produce detailed technical specifications for medical/nonmedical equipment and furniture.
• Create technical bids for medical/nonmedical equipment and furniture.
• Procure medical/nonmedical equipment, furniture and medical gas systems.
• Generate Bills of Quantity (BOQ).
• Following up with suppliers and reviewing the technical offers until the production of technical evaluation reports.

Royal Health Group Consulting Partners (through direct employment in HAAD) have been involved in more than 10 hospitals and more than 100 medical centers design, medical planning and medical equipment approvals review.

Royal Health Group follow several international standards like American Institute of Architects (AIA) guidelines 2006 & 2010, HTM 02 for medical gas systems, HTM03 for Ventilations, CDC for infection control and AAMI for medical equipment.

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