• Develop business plans and feasibility Studies.
• Develop/review financial analysis and projections which consist of financial statements, balance sheets and cash flows.
• Determine the recommended scope of services including service lines, as well as research and educational components.
• Identify the human resources and related resources needed to develop and manage healthcare facilities.
• Conduct market analysis to review projects sustainability relative to the local population and anticipated business opportunities.
• Identify strategic partners (i.e., government entities, private employers and insurance companies) for the purpose of developing mutually beneficial contractual arrangements.
• Evaluate external sources to identify services that could potentially be provided (i.e., maintenance and security) and provide recommendations regarding the appropriate services to outsource and their financial impact.
• Review operational costs such as malpractice, insurance, utilities and salaries.
• Provide necessary recommendations regarding the appropriate investment in building, equipment, Health Information Technology and working capital needs.
• Conduct surveys and interview board members, community leaders and other key influential stakeholders who can play a positive role in the success of the project.
• Develop prospectus that hospital owners and board members can utilize during discussions with investors and bankers for financing purposes.

• Healthcare and hospital strategic planning.
• Medical management.
• Operations Assessments and Management.
• Gap analysis.
• System improvement and analysis.
• Healthcare system wide evaluation and turn around.
• Financial Cycle study and improvement.
• International accreditation.
• Quality system management and compliance management.
• Medical Staff Recruitment.
• Medical staff evaluation.
• Inpatient and surgical flow solutions.
• Merger/affiliation strategies.
• Medical Staff Productivity.
• Service line/specialty development.
• Tracer Methodology.
• Medical Staff Credentialing and lessening.
• Physician practice management.
• Application and healthcare IT management.
• Risk Prevention Analysis.
• Infection control programs.
• Healthcare facilities management.
• Organizational governance and leadership.
• Develop Clinical policies and procedures.
• Green field Hospitals.

Royal Health Group provided its services to more than 20 countries around the world.

These healthcare organizations range from:

Government Hospitals

• Qatar
• Indonesia
• Jordan
• Singapore
• Saudi Arabia
• South Korea
• Italy
• Egypt

Private Sector Hospital Groups

• Ireland
• Belgium
• Saudi Arabia
• Thailand
• Malaysia
• Indonesia
• Singapore
• Jordan

National Oil Companies

• Saudi Arabia
• Indonesia
• Malaysia

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